The National Water Resources Holding was established in 1993 by a group of specialists who aimed at the creation of modern and dynamic business being capable of high-quality dealing with both theoretical and practical tasks in the field of industrial and public water supply.

During the time of its existence, the National Water Resources Holding has developed, produced, installed and put into operation more than 1 500 industrial and municipal water treatment plants; tens of thousands of individual water treatment facilities; over 500 sewage treatment units all over the Russian Federation as well as in the CIS and other countries. Our clients include municipal units, large-scale enterprises, government authorities, holiday centers, hotels, public catering establishments, hospitals and others.

Currently the National Water Resources Holding is a leader in the Russian market for water treatment and sewage purification equipment and technologies. The Holding includes a number of specialized organizations engaged in execution of a full range of works related with water treatment:

  • development of process flow diagrams;
  • designing;
  • production and installation of water treatment equipment;
  • well-drilling;
  • ductwork;
  • commissioning;
  • warranty and after-sale service.

The NWR experts have long experience dealing with multi-aspect projects, starting with initial development stage and ending with implementation and support of package solutions proposed by the Russian leading companies. We use the whole range of globally available engineering procedures in order to develop process flow diagrams and to make a choice on equipment.

Our success is based on our traditions, experience and good knowledge of the Russian engineering school plus equipment supplied by world leading water treatment companies and maximum process automation. Our practice is to use only well-known and easy-to-test engineering solutions while keeping in mind to follow the latest domestic and foreign developments.

We are fully responsible for the ultimate results and value our existing reputation of an effective and professional company. All activities performed by the National Water Resources Holding are licensed by the Russian Gosstroy (the Russian Federation Construction Committee) and RAO United Energy Systems of Russia. All equipment and materials have relevant certificates.

The National Water Resources Holding would like to offer to all concerned organizations and private persons its assistance in meeting any challenges in the field of industrial and public water treatment and sewage purification.

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